Thursday, December 29, 2005

Lit Faerie

My new lens arrived yesterday. see Portraits It was here when I got home last night. Couldn't wait to start shooting and since it was supposed to be good in low light I thought I'd put it through it's paces. I like that the lens is fast enough (above) to freeze the candle flicker and that the color is true.
This shot is of a garden faerie that "lives" among the many plants in our house. I'm not a knick-knacky type person, but there's something about this particular piece that seems hopeful and innocent. So I thought I would share it with you.

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dying in Paradise

Today was a late appointment that had us coming back through the valley at sunset. With my client's blessing I stopped and took this picture of the mountain where I make my home. Looking at it, I'm reminded that where we both live is widely considered to be a northern paradise and an artists' sanctuary.
I bring my dog, a 60 pound shepherd cross. She's a wonderful ambassador. She breaks down barriers that I couldn't even approach. She's well behaved, interested in my clients, and affectionate when invited to be so. She makes the really tough trips bearable. It's good - no, it's great work.
I drive cancer patients to their appointments as a volunteer. Because of chemo, radiation, etc., they're not allowed to drive themselves. Many of these people are elderly or disabled shut-ins, without much money or family. They're most often not in a position of empowerment, relying on the good graces of the system, friends and strangers like me. I have the honor of speaking to these people for hours, good folks who didn't get the breaks most of us did. I receive the benefit of their perspective and wisdom. I am the lucky one here. volunteer


I just ordered a new lens for my Canon, an 85mm, f1.8. This will be a great lens for indoor sports and portraits. And although I'm excited about the prospect of shooting both, right now it's the portraits that I'm fixed on. Human faces are wondereful landscapes of light and shadow; each one different, each scar a landmark. And with this particular lens I can stand back and take nice tight shots in an effort to capture the soul that formed this face. See more portraits.

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Training Dogs (or Psych 101 Pt.1)

Here is some advice I didn't give to a friend. I thought better of it at the time. Still, I think it is sound, and if it works for you...

So here’s what I know about anger: 1) It is a destructive force. Don’t deny it from your life; it is also a necessary tool. 2) Anger can be harnessed (like heat) and used to one’s benefit. Still, it requires fuel (great energy) and is a drain (negative force) in the long run. 3) Do not fuel your anger. You are inviting destruction into your life. Deal with it as it comes. 4) Whenever possible (necessary), use your angry energy to effect positive change (solve problems). Train yourself. 5) It is not wrong to express anger. It is healthy when done properly and often the most direct route to solving a problem, when dealing with, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, people who are reasonable (For “How to Deal With Unreasonable People”, learn how to train a dog. I’m not being degrading, dogs are great behavioralists!).

Monday, December 26, 2005

Raven's Curiosities

In my world of artisans, there is one jewelry maker I am especially enamored with. So much so that I've taken to photographing some of her pieces and putting them on my site. Her name is Isabella Raven and she designs beaded jewelry. And although she's been doing it for many years, she's new to the area and new to the internet. So, consider this an introduction and an invitation to go see some of her work. Raven's jewelry.

Killer Bug!

I love to photograph bugs. With my trusty macro lenses I can make the tiniest little bug look like a giant dinosaur. This little guy is one of only a few interesting bugs that I have photographed so far. For more pics see Killer Baby

Impeccable Oils

J. Richards Jr. or "Skeets" is a man I met over the summer. His show at the Adams Town Hall Gallery preceded mine. He is a big, friendly man who loves to paint (and it shows) and will play the banjo for you if you ask him nicely. He is a detail man, meaning his paintings are intensely detailed, yet each piece is a reflection of simpler times. There is a great deal of comfort to be found in Skeets' art if only you look... Skeets' Paintings

Penises, Pubic Hair and Fallopian Tubes

These are words used to describe this picture of a close-up of an African Violet. Some of the people who uttered these words actually own one. This image was so disturbing to some that a local bank asked me to remove it. Other words used:


It is also the 3rd best selling image (of dozens) this author has to offer. Go figure.

Sunday, December 25, 2005


A friend and business partner introduced me to a woman about an hour away who has a green house full of hundreds of orchids. She has agreed to let me photograph them. Incredible! I've included a pic of one of them. These flowers range in size from barely visible to bigger than a softball. One actually looks like a klingon war ship! I will be shooting that flower next. more Flowers

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Yule Tidings

I was raised Catholic but it didn't take. Too much that didn't sound right to me. After more than 20 years of thinking I would be a religion of one I finally found out I was Wiccan. I say found out because I had already been practicing for years. One of those practices was an observance of the Winter Solstice. I didn't call it Yule. It didn't have a name.

It was and is an observance of the closing of the circle of life, the end of the beginning and a new starting point for the future. So with this in mind, I wish you all a peaceful ending and a hopeful future.

Flowers and Cameras

I love flowers and, as it turns out, I love cameras too. The two came together about 2 years ago. Now it's what I do. Really, it's one of the things I enjoy doing as a photographer who specializes in Macro photography. The job requires a lot of strained eyes and muscles, but I love it. And, with the help of friends and fans I have built a small following where I live. For a better picture of what I do, click here: IGP home

I live on a mountaintop in western New England where it is cold and snow covered nearly 6 months of the year. Yet, year round it is breathtakingly beautiful. I hope to start sharing this beauty with you soon.