Sunday, January 24, 2010


So, my wife and I picked up our newly adopted rescue dog (australian shepherd mix) today and made the 2+ hour trek home with her and our 12 year old shi-tzu, Moonshadow, in tow. Moon is nothing if not tolerant and, while only showing a cursory interest in the new dog, being true to his nature he is wonderfully "tolerant" of Luna. I think it's only a matter of time before I post pics of them playing.
I should note that Luna came up to New England from Missouri, so including our little trip home she was on the road for nearly 48 hours; most of that in a crate. This and the fact that she was spayed a day-and-a-half before her trip made for a stressed, nervous and "lost" looking dog. Her first act when coming off of the transport trailer was to lean hard into our legs; a sort of dog hug.


It has been a little more than 12 hours since Luna has "come home". In that time she has settled in nicely. She already knows where her bed is and has understandably spent a lot of time on it. Her appetite is healthy and she no longer has a lost look in her eyes.
In everything Luna does there is a gentleness and honesty. And unlike dogs that walk with their nose to the ground, this little girl walks with her head held up. And given her good leash manners, I daresay she looks graceful at times.
A lot of credit for this dog's mental and physical well being goes to Sue of New England All Breed Rescue. It is obviously apparent that Luna spent time in a gentle, loving foster home. For that I am grateful. Many thanks, Sue.

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