Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Training Dogs (or Psych 101 Pt.1)

Here is some advice I didn't give to a friend. I thought better of it at the time. Still, I think it is sound, and if it works for you...

So here’s what I know about anger: 1) It is a destructive force. Don’t deny it from your life; it is also a necessary tool. 2) Anger can be harnessed (like heat) and used to one’s benefit. Still, it requires fuel (great energy) and is a drain (negative force) in the long run. 3) Do not fuel your anger. You are inviting destruction into your life. Deal with it as it comes. 4) Whenever possible (necessary), use your angry energy to effect positive change (solve problems). Train yourself. 5) It is not wrong to express anger. It is healthy when done properly and often the most direct route to solving a problem, when dealing with, AND THIS IS IMPORTANT, people who are reasonable (For “How to Deal With Unreasonable People”, learn how to train a dog. I’m not being degrading, dogs are great behavioralists!).


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