Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shooting Humans

I don't normally shoot humans; especially if they know they're being shot at. I'd rather shoot bugs, hell, even animals. One of my nicknames is even Bug Hunter. Well, now you can also call me Human Hunter.
My quarry this time are high school kids; girls, to be exact, ages 13-18. Fortunately, they're not as fast as the boys, so it's a little easier to get that perfect shot. Tonight I'll bag my limit.
The boys are tomorrow night. They run fast and jump high. And if one should see me out of the corner of his eye, he'll run even faster and jump even higher. And you can bet I'll catch him mid-flight. And you can bet he'll be happy I did. more on HS Basketball

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Missing That Buzz

As I look outside it's snowing, adding to the whiteness that already surrounds the house. It's a beautiful sight, and then...
I miss the hummingbirds. There was something kind of magic about them. The way they would buzz around me and my camera, sometimes hovering an inch or two from my head. One impatient female (pictured) even fed from between my outstretched fingers as I set up the feeder. I hope I never forget the feeling of her tiny wings gently beating against the palm of my hand. I hope I get the chance to feel that again.
You see, the snow is more than beautiful. It's a reminder that one day the snow will come for me, and I too will disappear like the hummingbirds. Before that happens I hope to be around these fascinating beings many more times. more HUMMINGBIRDS